Seth Meyers Spotlights Donald Trump’s Man-Caving & Roger Stone’s Tricky Diction


Remember that perfect description of Richard Nixon as “tanned, rested and ready” as he returned to work after the 1969 holiday season? And remember how longtime Donald Trump buddy Roger Stone was taken into federal custody last week owing to an indictment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office?

Let’s just say the Nixon-worshipping Stone now is fake-tanned, arrested and ready to face his indictment for lying to Congress. And Seth Meyers devoted his “A Closer Look” segment Monday¬†to that and Friday’s other groundshaking political story: Trump’s deep bow before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the “deal” to reopen the federal government after its longest shutdown ever.

After showing that CNN-exclusive footage of the feds’ predawn tap-tap-tapping on Stone’s door, Meyers reminded that government workers at the time were missing a second consecutive paycheck. His line: “Imagine being such an a**hole that FBI agents will come into work and arrest you for free.” Oof.

Meyers also used his NBC Late Night time tonight to discuss how Trump’s Wall appeared to be crumblin’ down.¬†Actually, he let the president tell the story himself by showing clips from Friday’s White House speech that’s bound to go down in the annals of presidential-oration history. Way, way down.

Have a look at the segment here:

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