Fox News Anchor Rips Donald Trump For Ripping Her Colleagues: “Bullying Journalists Is Not Presidential”

Fox News via Twitter; Shutterstock

President Donald Trump laid down some friendly fire Sunday night when he called out a pair of Fox News personalities on Twitter. A Fox colleague hit back today on the same social media platform.

Former Fox Report Weekend regular and current fill-in anchor Julie Banderas decided to punch back after the jabster-in-chief referred to FNC’s John Roberts and Gillian Turner as “having even less understanding of the Wall negotiations that the folks at FAKE NEWS CNN&NBC!” Oh, the shame.

Anyway, here’s how Banderas chose to respond to POTUS’ broadside at her FNC colleagues:

A few minutes earlier, Banderas had replied to a rando who counseled her that if she “can’t stand some criticism, time to find a new line of work.” She hit back, with an “@POTUS” target:

Less than a half-hour later, Banderas replied to another tweeter who agreed with her but added: “But where have you been the last few years? Trump has criticized virtually EVERY OTHER REPORTER ON THE PLANET (other than Fox). Where were you when targets were being put on their backs?” Here is the FNC anchor’s reply”:

We’re speculating that because more than 12 hours has gone by without a presidential pushback tweet, Trump’s phone must be out of charge and lodged between the rear seats of the Beast. Isn’t there a Secret Service person assigned to that?

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