‘Skittles’ Broadway Musical Trailer: Michael C. Hall Repents Commercialism, Sings For Candy Anyway


If last night’s Rent didn’t meet your weekly minimum requirement of earnestly performed, socially conscious pre-taped musical ensemble productions, enjoy this amuse-bouche for the upcoming Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical starring Michael C. Hall.

The video for the Skittles number “Advertising Ruins Everything” depicts Hall and five other performers laying down the vocals for the cast recording, intercut with standard behind-the-scenes joshing. Biggest difference between this video and other cast album videos is the presence of a certain candy. Not since the ’70s and ’80s has any one substance so fueled and dominated a studio session.

In case you missed last week’s announcement, the ex-Dexter will star in a one-performance-only live Super Bowl commercial for Skittles, the hitch being that the half-hour endeavor will not appear on-air during the Feb. 3 big game, but rather as a live Broadway-style musical at Times Square’s The Town Hall theater. With tickets prices ranging from $30 to $205 (more of the fast-selling tickets will be made available today), some proceeds from the event will go to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

There’s even a cast album on Spotify, with one of the four songs currently posted boasting the intriguing title “Four Minutes of Michael C. Hall Eating Skittles.” (The creative agency for the integrated campaign is DDB Worldwide.)

As for the song sneak-previewed above, it appears to be something of a Skittles cri de coeur, the show’s very own La Vie Bohème, with Hall at first defending commercials – Super Bowl commercials specifically – and then getting an earful from fellow performers about the evil Mad Men do.

Sings Hall: “Companies like Skittles all need advertising/look it up friends its called free enterprising/It’s just a commercial, stop your moralizing/I don’t see the problem with advertising.”

His singing costars, chomping away on Skittles, then list the downsides: Ads ruin the web, ruin TV, fill our inboxes with spam.

“It shows me how perfect a person can be and reminds me how perfect I’m not,” sings one. “I wish I was happier but I feel crappier with this new face that I bought.”

Convinced of the error of his ways, an uber-sincere Hall repents, singing, “What have I done, what if they’re right?/What if I ruin Broadway by being in this ad tonight?/I see what you’re saying and I make you this pact:/I will never make an ad again, so long as I can act!/Because, advertising it ruins everything!”

The video ends with a voiceover: “Broadway The Rainbow! Taste the rainbow! Here the full cast recording on Spotify!”

Check out the video above and let us know what you think. And here’s the video announcement Hall & Co released last week:

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