Ann Coulter For President? Not A Chance, She Promises “Frenemy” Bill Maher


Update, with video Right-wing flamethrower Ann Coulter made Bill Maher’s Real Time audience happy at least once tonight: She declared on-air that she has no Oval Office dreams: “I’m against women working,” Coulter said, “so I can’t.”

Like the rest of Coulter’s appearance on “frenemy’ Maher’s HBO show tonight (his word, incidentally), the presidential banter was more jokey than stately. Coulter, who earlier today tweeted that the shutdown-ending Donald Trump was the wimpiest president in history, offered up one jokey provocation after another tonight.

On Trump’s ever-downsizing wall-turned-fence: “Now it’s a gentle little garden trellis.”

Asked by Maher what Ronald Reagan would think of Trump’s cozying up to Russia, Coulter dismissed concern of the cozying: “He’d say, ‘I  won the Cold War, what is with these lunatics?'”

Coulter also offered up some advice – sought or not – to wall opponents: “You’re being played,” she said, arguing that illegal immigration is actually favored by the ultra-rich Koch-level Republicans. “They want cheap nannies,” she said, insisting that despite her own affluence (“My landscaping is lovely, and there’s no slime in my pool”) she sides with the middle-class in opposing “cheap labor.”

Responded Maher, “It always gets back to hating Mexicans, doesn’t it?”

“No,” said the frenemy. “It gets back to loving Americans.”

As for her much-discussed “veto power” over Trump, Coulter said, “I promise you the country would be much better off if I had veto over Donald Trump.”

That line came shortly after Maher marveled at his old friend’s newfound resurgence in White House influence. “You’re like Wonder Woman,” he said, “if Wonder Woman was the villain.”

Watch the interview above.

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