Donald Trump Agrees To Postpone State Of The Union Until Government Shutdown Ends

Donald Trump Nancy Pelosi

Will he or won’t he? And if so, where and will he? Looks like we finally have an answer. Donald Trump fired off a pair of tweets tonight confirming that he will wait to deliver the annual State of the Union Address until after the partial shutdown of the federal government is over.

Tonight’s social media governance comes after a day of back-and-forth between POTUS 45 and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who said early today that Trump would not be welcome to give the speech in the D.C. chamber she oversees while federal employees are furloughed or being forced to work for free. The shutdown is entering its record 33rd day — inching closer to being twice as long as any other in U.S. history. And there’s no end in sight.

Meanwhile, cable news has been brimming with terrible tales of how the impasse is hurting some 800,000 affected workers and millions of Americans in ancillary positions — and their families. Trump had said on December 11, during a wacky televised sit-down in the Oval Office with Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer that he was “proud to shut down the government for border security.” That, of course, means The Wall on the southern border. The one he claimed on the campaign trail would be paid for by Mexico.

While we wait for those tractor trailers loaded with pesos to cross at San Ysidro or, say, Lukeville, here is the two-parter that the tweeter-in-chief fired off tonight:

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