Fuse Books Premiere Dates For Three Documentaries, Sets First Title In Fuse Films Series

Fuse Media

Fuse Media has set premiere dates for the next three documentaries in its Fuse Docs series, which explore important themes through music and diversity, and announced the first title under its new indie Fuse Films banner.

Premiering on March 2, Fatherhood is part documentary, part musical performance — featuring genre-spanning songs from hip-hop to blues. It follows young people in Memphis, Los Angeles, New York and London as they write and perform songs that address healing, with the goal of closing the gap between children and their fathers. Ben Gregor directs.

Sickboy, which bows on April 6, focuses on three best friends who team up to create a podcast that laughs in the face of serious illness. Jeremie (one of the trio), whose own disease limits his life expectancy, has become deeply concerned about how our society conditions us to avoid speaking with loved ones about serious health problems. What started off as a joke transforms into a personal journey, where the guys reflect on their own mortality and their wishes to help others. Andrew MacCormack directs.

I Used to Be Normal: A Boyband Fangirl Story centers on what turns a fan into a Stan. From Beatlemaniacs to Directioners, obsession with a famous boyband is a curious thing. The surprising coming-of-age story focuses on four diverse women across different generations who struggle with the challenges and contradictions that come with their obsession. Directed by Jessica Leski, it premieres May 18 on Fuse.

The cross-platform entertainment media brand for multicultural youth also has announced that Venus will premiere in May as the kickoff title in its Fuse Film series. Part of Fuse Media’s Future Asian/Pacific History programming, it’s billed as a romantic comedy with a distinctly modern touch, focusing on a family where gender, generations and cultures collide. A South Asian transgender woman sees her life flipped on its head when she meets the “white” teenage son she didn’t know she had. As her complicated circumstances unfold, she must navigate parenting, a romantic relationship, her culture and an overbearing mother. The film is written and directed by Eisha Marjara.

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