‘Big Brother’ Celebrity Anthony Scaramucci Turns Up At Davos

Daily Mail

In the end, Anthony Scaramucci was worse at Celebrity Big Brother than he was at The White House.

Daily Mail on Wednesday spotted Scaramucci at the Davos economic forum in Switzerland, after dedicated Big Brother franchise live-feed watchers noticed he was MIA from the Celebrity Big Brother house Tuesday night.

Among obsessive live-feed watchers, Daily Hampsterwatch, reported Scaramucci’s housemates thought he was a “mole,” maybe because he showed up in a business suit and tie, or perhaps because some of them had no idea who he was.

“I just left the Big Brother house,” Scaramucci said in video from the annual Davos confab, at which Scaramucci is a regular. Otherwise, Scaramucci was


tight-lipped as to why he was free to attend the economic forum instead of shacking up on the CBS reality competition series, telling people they would have to watch Wednesday night’s broadcast for details, Daily Mail reports. Except, at the end of Wednesday’s episode, of course, no one had been booted. Because there’s still a Friday Celebrity Big Brother episode to fill.

“Who will be the first celebrity evicted from the house?!” Overly Amped Voiceover Guy emoted at the end of Wednesday’s broadcast, adding, “Plus, a shocking new twist will send a second celebrity packing!!”

Viewers on Tuesday saw disgraced Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, who won this edition of Celebrity Big Brother’s first competition, pick Scaramucci to be among the first Bottom 3. Joining Scaramucci in the tumbril: Tom Greene and Jonathan Bennett.

After getting tossed into the tumbril, Scaramucci had said on camera he had to “find a way to pivot so I can last more than 12 days.” Scaramucci served as White House Communications chief exactly 11 days before getting the hook, after giving a profanity-laced magazine interview.

Unlike Omarosa’s time on Celebrity Big Brother, in which much alleged White House dirt was dished, Scaramucci will be known only for such insights as telling Greene, who asked when Trump was going to “crash,” that “The economy is very good, but the government is holding it back with the shutdown and making it worse on people,” adding, “You have this acrimony between the parties, you can’t get anything done.”

On Wednesday’s episode, Scaramucci revealed Trump loves to “shoot the tweet,” while watching TV, “and then, boom! ‘Breaking News!’ And there was the tweet, it was up on the news.” Trump’s got tens of millions of Twitter followers. “How many people read Wall Street Journal, 2M? Scaramucci  asked the celebs of Big Brother, rhetorically, concluding Trump has “10 times the power” of WSJ.

“He figured that out; he exploited that big time. He played them like a fiddle. And, by the way, he still is,” he said.

On Monday’s Celebrity Big Brother season opener, as each competitor was introduced, Scaramucci told viewers his stint on Celebrity Big Brother “is going to last longer than my stint in the White House, god willing.”

She wasn’t, apparently.

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