Donald Trump Responds To Nancy Pelosi’s SOTU Nuts To You: “Blotch On Country We All Love” – UPDATE

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UPDATED with Donald Trump’s response: “We just found out she’s canceled it and that’s a great blotch on the incredible country that we all love,” President Donald Trump told reporters at the WhIte House this afternoon, of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s response to his letter trying to bully her into letting him deliver SOTU from the House chamber.

“I don’t believe it’s ever happened before,” Trumps said, adding, “it’s always good to be part of history, but this is a very negative part of history.”

Another very negative part of history: President Donald Trump shut down the government in order to get Congress to cough up $5.7B for his Border Wall, and it’s the longest government shutdown in U.S. history. Pelosi said this afternoon she will not move forward on staging Trump Theatre in the House Chamber because the government is shut down.

“She does not want to hear the truth,” Trump said. “She does not want the American public to hear what’s going on. She’s afraid of the truth,” he continued, adding that what is “going on” with “radical Democrats is “shocking.”

In other major news, Trump finally unveiled his nickname for Pelosi, telling reporters, saying at one point “Nancy Pelosi – or Nancy, as I call her.”

“People have to hear the truth, and the truth we were planning on doing a very important speech in front of the House, Senate and Supreme Court. It’s in the Constitution,” Trump scolded House Speaker Pelosi.

POTUS is Constitutionally required to deliver a state of the union to Congress. It is not Constitutionally required that it be delivered in the House Chamber, and, in the past, POTUS’s did not do so.

Trump said he would now “do something in the alternative” but did not elaborate.

Previous: “I am writing to inform you that the House of Representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the President’s State of the Union address in the House Chamber until the government has opened,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shot back via letter to President Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon.

This in response to a letter POTUS had sent Pelosi, daring her to block him from giving his SOTU address in the House chamber on Tuesday.

“I’m not surprised,” said Trump, who turns everything he touches into reality TV, speaking solemnly at his desk in the White House.

“It’s a shame what’s happening with the Democrats,” he said, still wearing his sad face.

“They’re becoming radicalized. They don’t want to see crime stopped, which we could see very easily on the southern border,” Trump continued, trying to distract reporters from the headline: Trump Shut Out Of House.

Caught walking in a hall of Congress, Pelosi got asked why she had not caved to Trump’s letter demanding he deliver SOTU address in the House.

“Because the government is closed,” Pelosi responded.

Pelosi’s letter to Trump:


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