Sarah Sanders Defends Press Briefing Shutdown: White House Not In Business Of Making CNN Stars

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

UPDATED with video: White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to Fox & Friends this morning to explain why President Donald told her to scrub the daily press briefing. “He doesn’t like the decorum in the White House,” Sanders said, stating the obvious.

“We’re in the business of getting information to the American people, not making stars out of people that want to become contributors on CNN,” she snarked, adding, “that is a lot of times what we see take place in the briefing room.”

Last time Sanders held a briefing in the James A. Brady Briefing Room was December 18.

When Trump tweeted he’d killed the tradition because the press often covered Sanders “rudely” and “inaccurately”  White House Correspondents Association responded, saying, “This retreat from transparency and accountability sets a terrible precedent. Being able to question the press secretary or other senior government officials publicly helps the news media tell Americans what their most powerful representatives are doing in their name.”

“Laughable,” Sanders shot back Wednesday morning on F&F. noting Trump loves the camera and takes questions nearly every day, preferring pop up pressers on the White House Lawn with his chopper prop, or other venues.

“I stopped last night after I finished an interview where I took more questions from a gaggle reporters standing outside building behind me,” Sanders said, speaking to the Fox News Channel morning show from the White House lawn.  “I’m sure I will do that in a few minutes….We’re on call 24 hours a day.”

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