‘Suits’ 8B: Series Creator On Which Old Favorites Are Coming Back, Firm’s New Dynamic, Another Love Triangle & More

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In the Season 8 summer finale of USA Network’s Suits, Zane Specter Litt set off yet another name change. Faced with a potential internal civil war, Donna talked Robert Zane and Harvey Specter into accepting Louis Litt as managing partner while also convincing Louis — who had just found out that he’s going to be a father — to take on the leadership post. Litt’s first order of business was to make both Alex Williams and Samantha Wheeler name partners as the duo’s escalating battle for the position was threatening to tear the firm apart.

The back six episodes of Season 8, which are launching Wednesday night, will tackle the new power dynamic at Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams. It also will introduce Alex’s (Dule Hill) wife, played by How To Get Away with Murder‘s Tamberla Perry, as well as a new love triangle involving Donna and Harvey and will bring back a trio of fan favorite characters, including Harvey’s old flame Scottie (Abigail Spencer).

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Speaking to Deadline, Suits creator/showrunner Aaron Korsh teased all these developments as well as a storyline from Season 8A which will return to wreak havoc in the final two episodes. He also revealed whether Rachel Zane, the Suits character of Meghan Markle, who is expecting her first child with Prince Harry, will also have a baby.

“I am very excited for these back six,” Korsh said. “We have a balance of new and old, with Scottie returning and Hardman returning and Cahill makes an appearance.”

Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) is the co-founder of Pearson Hardman, while Sean Cahill (Neal McDonough) is a senior SEC official who was a key player in the trial against Mike Ross.

As for Mike, we won’t see him in 8B as original cast member Patrick J. Adams is yet to return since departing the series at the end of Season 7.

“When Patrick left, we talked about the notion of him coming back,” Korsh said. “It had to be right story-wise, and he had to be in a place where he wants to do it, depending on what’s going on with him. In the back six, it didn’t feel right for that.”

Also not in the cards for the last six episodes — a crossover with the upcoming spinoff series Pearson starring Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson.

“We did contemplate having a phone call in the back six of Suits where one of our characters calls Jessica or something like that and then when the spinoff is on, you continue her side of that phone call,” Korsh said. “But we weren’t 100 percent sure when these things were going to be airing so it was like, you’d be hearing Jessica’s side of that phone call possibly months after you’d be seeing our side and would it be weird, so we ended up not doing it.”

The Back 6 will shift the attention from Louis’ private to his professional life. “It feels like we put a lot of focus in the front 10 on Louis trying to have a baby,” Korsh said. “We decided we’re not going to do a time jump so we didn’t focus an incredible amount on Louis and the baby in the back six as we did on his efforts to get pregnant because the baby hasn’t been born yet.”

Korsh teased “a lot of big things” happening in the last six episodes. “The focus initially is on Louis and Harvey and Donna and Zane and Samantha and Alex and Katrina and them dealing with the new power structure of the firm with Louis, not Zane, as managing partner.”

There also will be a small arc affecting Harvey and Louis’ relationship, he added. Also, “Donna feels responsible for putting Louis in charge. So if Louis isn’t exactly doing a great job, she’s going to really feel great responsibility for making sure he’s successful, and that’s going to play out quite a bit. And also Harvey has never been in the position of being Louis’ subordinate and both Louis and Harvey don’t feel perfectly comfortable with that situation.”

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Samantha and Alex will continue to be at odds with each other, “and I think we have some really nice stories between them where they work together,” Korsh said. “Alex’s wife is going to show up, and I think that’s a really nice story with Samantha and Alex. In addition to that, Alex in the summer finale asked Harvey to have Katrina do something shady for him to beat Samantha, and that is going to come out and Samantha and Katrina are going to have a really, really nice arc in the back six of working together and interacting with each other that I really like.”

Suits this past fall cast Thomas Kessler as the CEO of a high-end furniture design company, a longtime client of Zane Specter Litt Wheeler Williams who becomes a new love interest for Donna.

“Katrina is also going to have to deal with her brewing Brian feelings, and then in addition to that we have Donna and her new romance coming and its effect on Harvey,” Korsh said. “He new romance is going to be a client of the firm so it’s going to affect not just Harvey and Donna but Louis and Alex and everybody, and Harvey’s going to be put in a tough spot.”

Korsh also tipped an “explosive” Season 8 finale.

“Something major that happened very early in the first 10 (of Season 8) is going to come back and rear its head. All of those things are going to combine to me for an incredibly explosive last two episodes of Suits where stuff is going to happen that you will not see coming hopefully and that you will love,” he said.

Suits has been referencing Rachel and Mike’s new life after they moved away. Will the show go for art imitating life and have them have a baby as Markle is about to give birth in real life?

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“It’s a good question; it’s certainly been contemplated,” Korsh said. “Honestly we have not landed on that yet. It certainly would be a sweet thing to find out that they had a baby no doubt about it. You just remind me, we have a very nice scene somewhere midway through the back six where Harvey calls Mike and leaves him a message.

It’s just a little thing but I really like it, how it plays in juxtaposition to what’s happening with Donna at the same time. We certainly don’t forget about Mike and Rachel. I think Robert Zane even in episode 811 mentions Rachel to Harvey. If you have friends in your life and they leave town, it doesn’t mean you never talk to them or talk about them, and we do continue to do that in the back six.”

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