Anthony Rapp Feared Kevin Spacey Sex Assaults Would “Keep Happening” If He Didn’t Speak Out

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Anthony Rapp claimed during a red carpet interview that he came forward with sex assault accusations against Kevin Spacey because he feared such incidents would keep happening if he remained silent.

Speaking out during a red carpet interview at the premiere for the second season of Star Trek Discovery, Rapp (who plays Lt. Paul Stamets on the show) said he had no regrets about his sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey. He accused the veteran actor of making an advance on him at a house party when he was 14 and Spacey was 25.

Rapp added that he hoped he did his part to “change the culture.”  Although he didn’t file charges against Spacey at the time of the incident, Rapp claims he did talk to an attorney.

The Rapp/Spacey incident was not publicly revealed until other sexual misconduct allegations came to light about Harvey Weinstein. The resulting outcry led to accusations against others and prompted Rapp to come forward with his Spacey story.

For his part, Spacey claimed he did not remember the Rapp encounter, but said he apologized if the allegations were true.

Rapp said he would continue to speak out. “I know that it’s something that needs continued movement forward and I’m going to keep doing my best to be a part of the movement forward,” Rapp said.“I was just concerned that it would be something that could keep happening, so if I could do something that would make a difference, I was eager to.”

Once Rapp made his accusations, more than a dozen other Spacey accusers came forward, leading to Spacey losing his starring role on the Netflix series House of Cards.

Spacey was arraigned earlier this month in Massachusetts on felony indecent assault and battery charges in relation to an accusation by a Massachusetts man. That person alleged Spacey assaulted him at age 18 at a Nantucket bar.

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