Bill Maher Books Ann Coulter, Draws ‘Real Time’ Boos


UPDATE, WITH VIDEO Bill Maher drew some boos tonight when he told his HBO audience that Ann Coulter would be a guest on next week’s episode of Real Time With Bill Maher. And the jeers weren’t because the crowd had missed out on the controversial right-winger by a week.

With the Buzzfeed report that Donald Trump ordered Michael Cohen to lie to Congress called into question shortly before airtime, the bombshell allegations that had ruled cable news all day didn’t take up much real time on Real Time (Maher still managed some first-rate zingers: Trump, Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka Trump are “the family that needs to be separated and put in cages”; watch that in the monologue above).

So Coulter’s name maybe was a spark the show needed. The rightwing flamethrower’s name came up during tonight’s panel discussion when former congressman Barney Frank decried Republican lawmakers’ refusal to bring forth important bills unless President Donald Trump pre-approves. “Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh now have a veto,” Frank said.

Maher then mentioned that Real Time had booked Coulter for next week’s episode. When the announcement prompted audience boos, Maher said about Coulter, “Yeah, that’s called a newsmaker. A policymaker. You’ll have to suck on that.”

Coulter, a longtime guest on Maher’s shows – and, as Maher himself has often noted, a friend, despite their political differences – recently pushed herself back into headlines by urging Trump to shut down the government and build his Wall.

She and Maher will have plenty to discuss next week: Tonight Maher reiterated his newfound approval of impeachment, asking, “Why do we even have impeachment in the Constitution” if we’re not going to use it. “He has to kill a baby on TV? An alien has to pop out of his chest?”

The Coulter announcement wasn’t the only moment that seemed to catch the Real Time audience off guard. When the panel discussion turned to allegations of sexism and harassment among Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff, Maher returned to one of his bugaboos: the left’s willingness to abandon its own. He dismissed the accusations as “one of the females on the campaign” getting “the signals wrong” when her boss “touched her hair.”

A surprised Frank was having none of it. “That’s a bad thing to say,” he said, “that she ‘signaled’ him.”

But Maher didn’t back down. “What’s the matter,” he snapped, “with saying ‘get your f*cking hand out of my hair?'”


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