Stephen Colbert Books Chris Christie For Live ‘Late Show’ After SOTU

Stephen Colbert

Late Show host Stephen Colbert made it official this afternoon: former President Donald Trump transition team chief Chris Christie will be his guest for his live broadcast following the State of the Union Address in January  29.

Assuming there is a SOTU on January 29.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is in charge of the invitation for Trump to speak to the join session of Congress, has suggested he find another date when the government shutdown is over, deliver Stephen Miller’s speech in writing, or deliver the address from the Oval Office.

“We’ve already announced that we’re doing a live show that night,” Colbert told viewers on Wednesday revealing that, if SOTU is canceled, the live broadcast will be renamed The Stephen Colbert Awkwardly Fills Time Talking About ‘Big Brother’ Spectacular.

Colbert said on air that Christie would be his guest that night. The former New Jersey governor has a new memoir out about his time with the Trump campaign and transition team, Let Me Finish, in which Christie says Trump has surrounded him with a revolving door of “amateurs, grifters” and “convicted and un-convicted felons.”

Recalling his earlier acquaintance with Trump, Christie said Trump once advised him he would have to better look the part to get ahead in politics, advising him to wear longer ties to “make him look thinner” – answering the burning question  as to what’s up with Trump’s clown-like neckwear.

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown also is booked for Colbert’s Late Show that night, which would mark the 19th time Colbert’s iteration of the program has broadcast live, and the third time Colbert’s program has broadcast live after Trump’s address to Congress. Previous post-SOTU clocked more than 4 million viewers.

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