Don Cheadle & Kathy Griffin In Twitter Beef Over His Not Defending Her After Severed Trump Head Flap – In 2017


Nothing like a good Twitter beef to liven up a rainy day.

Kathy Griffin drew a “Huh?” reply from Don Cheadle when she called him out for not supporting her stunt that depicted her holding the fake severed head of President Donald Trump, ISIS-style. You know — the thing that happened 18 months ago. Here is what Griffin tweeted at Cheadle that apparently kicked off today’s social media shenanigans, which included calling him — horrors! — a lousy liberal:

That’s what drew Cheadle’s simply “Huh?” reply. Griffin wrote back with a “Huh?” of her own, but it was just the beginning of a tweet that ended up drawing him in — though apparently with reluctance.


In a series of a half-dozen tweets (read them below), Cheadle made his case for what he would have advised regarding whether she should be photographed with the image of the bloody, lopped-off presidential bean. We’re reposting the offending pic as a reminder — apologies to those who endured hours of therapy trying to repress it.

Reaction was swift and mostly negative when Griffin released the image in May 2017. Chelsea Clinton, for example, called it “vile and wrong.” Trump himself weighed in thusly: “Disgusting but not surprising. This is the left today. They consider this acceptable. Imagine a conservative did this to Obama as POTUS?”

Griffin soon issued an apology, admitting she had “crossed the line” and “went way too far.” Within hours, CNN fired her from the New Year’s Eve co-hosting gig with Anderson Cooper. She got death threats and a visit from the Secret Service. A few months later, Griffin claimed she was “cleared” in a probe of the incident, and a month after that, she took back her apology while promoting an overseas stand-up tour.

Anyway, here is the latest digital conversation between Griffin and Cheadle:


Kathy Griffin via Twitter

And it was on for the star of Showtime’s new comedy Black Monday:

Don Cheadle via Twitter
Don Cheadle via Twitter
Don Cheadle via Twitter
Don Cheadle via Twitter
Don Cheadle via Twitter


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