John Kasich Debuts As CNN Commentator Hours After Claire McCaskill Joins MSNBC

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich will make his debut as CNN’s newest political commentator, Tuesday night on Cuomo Prime Time.

CNN has been on a former-lawmaker spending spree, having previous week signed former Republican Rep. Mia Love and Dem Rep. Luis Gutierrez, as commentators.

Kasich is one of President Donald Trump’s most prominent critics. He ran against Trump two years ago and he has more recently declined to rule out a 2020 primary bid against Trump. CNN and other cable news channels typically say so-long to commentators once they take specific steps to run for office, the cable news network said in today’s coverage of its Kasich hire.

Announcement comes a day after Kasich signed with UTA to “navigate the next phase of his public and private live,” as the talent agency described it.

Not be outdone, NBC News announced Tuesday it had signed former midterm victim, Dem. Sen Claire McCaskill  as a political analyst for both MSNBC and NBC News broadcast programs. She made her debut earlier Tuesday on Morning Joe.

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