Late Night Hosts, Hollywood React To Donald Trump’s Primetime Address

Carlos Barria/Shutterstock

When Donald Trump talks, the world will react — especially late night hosts and Hollywood. Trump gave his first national address from the Oval Office Tuesday about his wall and the southern border. He didn’t call it a national emergency like many thought he would. Instead, he called it a “humanitarian crisis – a crisis of the heart and crisis of the soul” in America. His choice of words and his general presence on prime time immediately became fodder for late-night hosts and Hollywood.

Seth Meyers from Late Night fired off a series of tweets commenting on the address. “Somebody please add ‘and live from New York, it’s Saturday night!’ into the teleprompter,” he wrote.

He then went on to say, “This looks like someone put an Ann Coulter audiobook in a Teddy Ruxpin” and “Is this Oval Office: SVU?”

Stephen Colbert said on The Late Show: “Trump’s address pre-empted our regularly scheduled CBS programming, FBI.” After a poster of the drama popped up on screen he added,”Not the first time he’s interfered with an FBI investigation.”

In addition to quips from hosts like Trevor Noah and James Corden, members of Hollywood also chimed in. Ron Howard tweeted, “Fact check: Trump repeated several misstatements during Oval Office speech.” Seth MacFarlane joked, “This entire Trump speech has the cadence of a Wheel Of Fortune contestant solving the puzzle.”

Westworld star Jeffrey Wright chimed in saying, “Years now of @realDonaldTrump and his childish name-calling, belittling, and “Only I can fix it” chest-thumping reduced to groveling & mewling in the Oval Office.” He continued, “Open the government. Pay federal workers and extend the services that citizens are due.”

Then there were those like Insecure‘s Natasha Rothwell who followed the #BoycottTrumpPrimeTime hashtag. “Yeah, no. I didn’t watch,” she tweeted. “Trump does not spark joy for me.” Her tweet included a GIF of Marie Kondo, the host of the new Netflix series Tidying Up, which is becoming a popular show on streaming platform.

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