Don Lemon Joins Criticism Of Kevin Hart’s ‘Ellen’ Interview, Urges Him To Become Ally Of LGBTQ Community

Don Lemon

Don Lemon had an issue with comments Kevin Hart made during his interview on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, and he addressed them in an emotional segment on CNN Tonight Friday.

Lemon, who spoke on behalf of both the African-American and gay communities, noted that, while Hart has addressed his homophobic jokes in the past, there is no record of him apologizing for them until the apology he issued following his recent exit from his gig as Oscar host in light of the backlash over the decade-old remarks.

Lemon played some of the controversial jokes, including a tweet about Hart’s plan to smash a dollhouse over his young son’s head should he ever see him play with it as “that’s gay.”

“That is a joke to Kevin,” Lemon said. “But the truth is, that is a reality for many little boys in the United States. Somewhere, a black dad is beating his black son.” For example, my friend Lee Daniels was thrown into a trash can by his own father for being gay, an event he dramatized in Empire.”

“We have to stop low-key co-signing homophobia. It’s not cool,” Lemon said, joining a number of members of the LGBTQ community who voiced criticism today over Hart’s interview where he portrayed himself as a victim. “We won’t tolerate jokes that do otherwise.”

Playing a clip from Hart’s Ellen interview, in which he said that he chose to apologize and move on, stepping down as Oscar host, Lemon commented, “Apologizing and moving on does not make the world a better place for people who are gay or people who are transgender. Being an ally does.”

UPDATE: Hours later, Hart posted a message on Instagram about growing and learning, which read in part, “When did we get to the point where we forgot that we all learn, then we all have the ability to grow and with that growth comes a wealth of knowledge. You can’t change without a understanding of what GROWTH means.”

Watch Lemon’s full segment below:

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