Donald Trump Sniffs Rep. Tlaib’s “M-F*er” Remark “Disrespectful To United States”


“Her comments were disgraceful,” President Donald Trump told reporters, when asked about freshman Dem Rep Rashida Tlaib telling her 13-year-old son, after her swearing in,”We’re gonna go in there and we’re gonna impeach the motherf*cker.”

“This is a person I do not know; I assume she is new,” Trump said at a Rose Garden presser to discuss the just wrapped meeting with Dems about the government shutdown.

“I think she dishonored herself and her family using language like that in front of her son and whoever else was there,” sniffed POTUS. “I thought that was a great dishonor to her and her family.”

“I thought it was highly disrespectful to the United States of America,” added Trump.  who as President, referred to Stormy Daniels as “horseface,”  and to NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem as “sons of bitches,” to name just a couple of his eyebrow-raising remarks since moving in to the White House. Before being elected, of course, he was best known for boasting on an Access Hollywood bus that he was so famous he could grab women “by the p*ssy” with impunity.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also got asked about Tlaib’s obscene remark, made at a party following her swearing in. Pelosi said she does not like the language, but noted it’s no worse than some of the stuff that’s come out of Trump’s mouth.

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