The Bart & Fleming Podcast: The Choose Your Own Ending Edition

By Peter Bart, Mike Fleming Jr

The Bart & Fleming Podcast

By inviting viewers to create and effectuate their own favored endings to shows, Netflix via its recent movie Black Mirror: Bandersnatch may be opening audiences to participate positively in the filmmaking process, but may also be opening a can of worms, as we discuss in the latest episode of Deadline’s The Bart & Fleming Podcast.

Filmgoers may start re-thinking endings to popular movies, for example, and come up with better ideas — asking, for example, why superhero movies never end, just lead into sequels or prequels.

Also in the discussion, we award accolades to stars and star filmmakers who, in our view, provided interviewers during awards season with the most lucid and candid comments about their work and careers.

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