Kellyanne Conway Stumped By Donald Trump’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Poster At First Cabinet Meeting Of 2019


President Donald Trump’s official translator Kellyanne Conway showed up on Fox & Friends the morning after he held his first cabinet meeting of 2019 seated behind a large poster of his earlier Game of Thrones knockoff tweet of November, on which was splashed the message “Sanctions Are Coming” and the date November 5. In the poster, the date had been changed to November 4.

“What was with the poster yesterday on the table?” Brian Kilmeade asked Conway.

“That’s the President saying sanctions are coming November 4th,” Conway answered from the White House lawn, on January 3.  Making a sharp right-hand turn, she added, “I think the President speaking for 95 minutes and holding forth on any number of issues shows his transparency, and shows he’s always willing to have the press in the room.”

“And that’s also why he wants people like Mitt Romney to be a team player, not be out there just giving interviews and writing op-eds, but come with solutions, come to Washington with solutions,” she added. “You know, three months from now, Mitt Romney will have voted with the President probably 95% of the time.”

Conway then pitched the Trump Border Wall a while, but eventually had to stop for breath.

“But the poster just happened to be there? Or was it a message?,” Kilmeade jumped in, taking advantage of her momentary pause. “Are sanctions coming November 4th, what are they?,” he asked, two months after that date.

“Well I’ll let it speak for itself,” Conway dodged. “The President maybe will be asked about that later on.”

The Curvy Couch Crowd complimented Trump, said the poster “looked like a movie poster.”

“That’s certainly what people focused on, but we need border security,” Conway said, clinging to her talking point.  “His first and solemn duty is to keep us safe in this country.”

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