‘Aquaman’ Wields $600M+ Overseas, $823M WW; Now #2 Superhero Pic Ever In China

Warner Bros

Aquaman‘s fins continue to flap away at the international box office, propelling the fish-guy across the $600M mark through Tuesday. Worldwide, the Warner Bros/DC origins story has cumed $822.9M with $606.6M from offshore waters. As we noted during the past weekend, Aquaman is headed past $900M global. Depending on how it performs this month — and signs are positive — it could hit the $1B mark.

After the weekend crossed $750M worldwide in the actuals, Monday and Tuesday added another $40.8M combined overseas ($16.8M Monday, $24M Tuesday) in 79 markets. With those numbers, the James Wan-directed tale has eclipsed the global lifetime of Wonder Woman. It had already beat DCEU stablemate Justice League and now has Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice ($873.6M) firmly in its sights. Japan — while not a massive DC hub — is still on deck for February 8. As Anthony D’Alessandro has pointed out, if Aqua gets to $1B global, it would be the third time DC has hit that mark after The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

China‘s Tuesday was worth $7.3M which lifts Aquaman to $275.5M locally (RMB 1.9B) and ranks it as the 2nd highest-grossing superhero movie ever (behind Avengers: Infinity War) and the No. 5 import film of all time. The run there is extended into early February, and with the underperformance of new local titles this past weekend should continue to (Arthur) Curry favor. Bumblebee, however, will buzz in on Friday to take over a load of screens and win the weekend.

Elsewhere, Tuesday saw Aquaman in Korea hit the $30M mark; Australia rise to $13.3M after bowing this past weekend; Mexico swell to $23.5M in its 3rd week; and France jump to $16.7M.

Italy was the newcomer on Tuesday, grossing $1.8M from 526 screens. This is the biggest opening of all time for a DC title.

The Top 10 markets are led by China ($275.5M) and rounded out by Korea ($30M), Brazil ($24.3M), Mexico ($23.5M), the UK ($19.6M), France ($16.7M), Indonesia ($16.3M), Russia ($15.4M), Germany ($13.4M) and Australia ($13.3M).

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