LAPD Arrests Suspect In Series Of Celebrity Home Burglaries

Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters, in December 2015. Photo by: Frank Duenzl/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

The LAPD has arrested a home-burglary suspect who targeted more than a dozen celebrities – including Usher, Adam Lambert, singer Jason Derulo and The Real Housewives Dorit Lemel – recovering more than 2,000 stolen items that included artwork, jewelry, handbags, expensive wines and other high-end valuables worth millions of dollars.

Ackerman LAPD

LAPD Detective Jared Timmons said at a news conference today that the suspect, Benjamin Eitan Ackerman, 32, broke into homes in the Hollywood Hills during the past two years that were up for sale, posing as a real estate agent or potential buyer. “He toured open houses,” Timmons said. “We’re still investigating who he was working with.”

Ackerman, he said, was “very sophisticated.” Apparently he cased the homes before he and/or his crew would return and “tamper with their surveillance systems” in order to carry out the string of burglaries.

Detective served a search warrant on Ackerman’s residence and storage unit in September. They believe he has been engaged in criminal activity for the past several years. LAPD now is in the process of ID’ing his accomplices.

Detectives are in the process of identifying and locating additional victims as well as anyone that may have purchased items from the suspect. Celebs who have been burglarized can search for their stolen items at

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