Donald Trump Tweets: Mitt Romney Our New “Flake” And Mexico Paying For Wall

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to blast incoming Utah Sen. Mitt Romney’s scathing op-ed, in Monday’s Washington Post, questioning Trump’s character.

“Here we go with Mitt Romney, but so fast! Question will be, is he a Flake? I hope not,” Trump snarked, in a reference to departed Sen. Jeff Flake who was a frequent Trump critic behind a microphone anyway, though not so much when it came to casting his vote.

In the op-ed, Romney said POTUS shapes the public character of the country and Trump’s “character falls short.”

“The President has not risen to the mantle of the office,” Romney wrote, citing his “deep descent in December” that included exits of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly.  He nicked Trump for appointments of senior persons “of lesser experience” to replace them and others who have left, as well as Trump’s “abandonment of allies who fight beside us, and the President’s thoughtless claim that America has long been a ‘sucker’ in world affairs all defined his presidency down.”

Pundits took to TV news outlets as Trump tweeted, noting there is no space between Romney and Trump on positions about taxes, China, and immigration.

So, instead, right before assuming his Senate seat, former presidential hopeful Romnet attacked Trump’s character.

Trump suggested Romney should instead focus on “border security and so many other things where he can be helpful,” reminding Romney that, “I won big and he didn’t” in their respective White House bids.

“He should be happy for all Republicans. Be a TEAM player & WIN!” Trump scolded.

Turning his Twitter attention to his Beloved Border Wall, Trump insisted Mexico is, in fact, paying for the southern border wall “through the new USMCA Trade Deal,” and that “much of the wall has already been fully renovated or built.” Trump assured his followers  that $5.6B he wants for his wall “is very little compared to the benefits of National Security. Quick payback!”

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