Trump Will Not Attend The Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Celebration, Mulvaney Claims

Donald Trump

There will be no Mar-a-Lago New Year’s celebration for President Donald Trump, according to his new chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney.

Because of the partial government shutdown, Trump has scrapped plans to travel to his Florida estate, Mulvaney told Fox & Friends today. The President previously canceled plans to spend Christmas in the Sunshine State, citing the need to be working.

The Senate and House of Representatives are currently adjourned, providing the executive branch with some good optics in the public relations war.

“He cancelled his plans for Christmas, now he’s cancelled his plans for New Year’s,” Mulvaney said on Fox. “The president is very heavily engaged in this.”

While where the President spends New Year’s Eve and day may seem inconsequential, it does matter to the people who were planning on spending time with him. Mar-a-Lago has an annual New Year’s Eve ball, with club members paying $650 and non-members $1,000 to party with the Commander-in-Chief, who has been known to change his mind. He was officially spending the Christmas break at the White House – until he decided to visit the troops overseas in a hush-hush move.

About 800,000 government employees have been either working without pay or been furloughed since midnight on Dec. 22, when Congress and the White House failed to reach a compromise on the budget. Trump has indicated he wants $5 billion to fund a wall on the southern border, while the Democrat opposition has so far refused.

While little progress has been made on the budget, the President has made use of his time, visiting troops in Iraq and Germany and tweeting up a storm of outrage against those who oppose him.

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