‘Aquaman’ Whirls To $749M Worldwide; ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ Tops $700M Global – International Box Office

Warner Bros.

2ND SUNDAY UPDATE, writethru: Gliding to another $85.4M at the international box office this weekend, Warner Bros/DC’s Aquaman again rules overseas — for the 4th consecutive frame. The offshore cume is now $560M after a dip of just 28% in holdover markets. Worldwide, the fish-man has hooked $748.8M through Sunday. This is before Italy opens New Year’s Day and ahead of the Japanese launch on February 8, while China continues its run (extended into early February) with $260.4M (RMB 1.8B) through today to make it the 6th highest grossing import of all time.

The James Wan-helmed pic’s $560M overseas gross crowns it as the 2nd biggest DC Universe title ever at offshore turnstiles, coming in behind only The Dark Knight Rises. As we reported during the weekend (see below), the underwater tale has also overtaken Justice League’s global gross as Jason Momoa & Co eye a $900M+ final. There’s more runway ahead this week and weekend with no major wide releases, although Bumblebee parks in China on Friday.

Further milestones include Aquaman being the biggest DC title ever in China, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam; the best for Wan in Korea, Indonesia and the Philippines; tops for WB in 2018 in 15 markets (including China, Korea, Brazil and Mexico); and the No. 1 WB movie of all time in China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Aquaman is helping to close out a year that saw an estimated record worldwide box office of $41.7B with $29.8B from overseas. With this weekend, Aquaman becomes the No. 7 movie of 2018 globally.

In non-Aquaman news, Paramount’s Bumblebee pushed play on another $45.7M in 55 markets. The overseas cume should pass $100M this week with the anticipated China opening set for Friday. The movie is currently in 59% of the offshore footprint where it’s seeing notable uptake in Asia.

Bohemian Rhapsody
20th Century Fox
Elsewhere, we saw several round numbers this session among the holdover and expanded titles. Fox’s Bohemian Rhapsody continues its foot-stomping strut around the world with a global cume of $702M and an offshore haul of $513.3M. After 10 (yes, 10) weekends, the Freddie Mercury biopic that just won’t stop was up 15% over last frame. This is Fox International’s 7th highest grossing title of all time and will soon pass X-Men Days Of Future Past to move up to 6th position. It is the No. 9 title on the overall 2018 global chart and No. 10 in the overseas rankings.

Sony’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse crossed $100M overseas with upticks in many holdover holiday plays. Same goes for Universal/Illumination’s The Grinch which crossed the $200M offshore threshold and is closing in on $500M global.

Also benefiting from the holidays, Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns floated upwards in Europe versus last session, led by breakout performances in the UK ($29.6M cume) and Italy ($11.2M).

Breakdowns on the films above and more have been updated below.


Warner Bros.
At No. 1 again, Warner Bros/DC’s Aquaman has now grossed $560M internationally and $748.8M worldwide. That’s after a 4th overseas frame that hooked $85.4M on roughly 23,425 screens in 78 markets for a 28% drop from last session.

In addition to the milestones achieved as noted above, the weekend saw eight new openings which were all No. 1s — the James Wan-directed movie is still tops in 40 of its 78 offshore hubs. In IMAX, Aquaman has generated $65M worldwide including $40M from overseas. (IMAX earlier this week crossed $1B for 2018, a first for the company.)

In Europe, Aquaman ruled the region again, tracking 48% above Justice League and 64% over Wonder Woman. Outside China, Aquaman reps the biggest WB film in Asia this year, the 2nd biggest for the DC Universe and the 3rd WB title ever. Also ranking No. 1 in Latin America, the Jason Momoa-starrer is ahead of Wonder Woman by 13%.

Despite new local arrivals in China, Aquaman popped back up to 2nd position on Sunday with a full weekend of $11.4M on 5,900 screens for a 51% drop. The Middle Kingdom cume is $260.4M.

Australia’s opening weekend put $11M in the net on 635 screens. Compared to other 5-day launches, this is the 2nd best for DC coming in slightly behind Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Korea added $7.4M on 1,285 screens with a slight 17% drop from opening weekend. The cume to date is $24.8M.

France (+13%) and Germany (+16%) both swam upwards versus last weekend with $15.3M and $12.3M cumes, respectively.

Italy opens on New Year’s Day followed by Japan on February 8. To date, China leads all cumes with $260.4M, followed by Korea’s $24.8M, Brazil’s $23.7M, Mexico’s $22.4M and the UK’s $18.2M.


Putting $45.7M in the tank in 55 markets, Paramount’s Bumblebee has now cumed $90M overseas. There were 17 openings this session to take the offshore footprint to 59% ahead of the China release this coming Friday and Japan on March 22.

Korea was the best start with $7.8M (including previews) from 839 locations and at No. 2 with Aquaman and local title Take Point also in the competitive mix (plus the seemingly endless holdover of Bohemian Rhapsody). The UK bowed at No. 2 behind Mary Poppins Returns with $6.3M from 584. France was a No. 3 start with $4.1M at 552, likewise Brazil opened in 3rd with $3M from 585.

In Asia, where Bumblebee is seeing uptake, Taiwan was a No. 1 start with $2M at 99. Hong Kong opened No. 2 for $1.5M at 51. In the 2nd frame, Indonesia added $2.6M at No. 1 for a $9.2M cume. Malaysia has cumed $5.2M, at No. 1 again, after two weekends. Singapore is also No. 1 for the second time, totaling $2.7M so far.

Spain was a soft open at No. 6 with $736K from 320 cinemas. Germany was at No. 6 in the 2nd session, but up 27% on last week’s start to cume $4.6M to date. The Netherlands was also up (+28%) for a $1.1M cume.

Totals elsewhere include Mexico’s $7.7M, Russia’s $5.7M, Australia’s $4.8M and Italy’s $3M.

The Transformers spinoff/origins story lands in China on January 4, and judging by the so-so performance of the local newcomers this weekend doesn’t have much to be concerned about. However, Bi Gan’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night opens December 31 and has already made $15M+ in presales as the arthouse title is being marketed to young audiences, making it one to watch. Bumblebee has a 7.4 on Douban and goes into the Transformers-loving Middle Kingdom with behemoth Tencent as an investor and co-marketing partner.


Walt Disney Studios
Disney’s sequel rose by 11% in Europe, taking advantage of the holidays and led by the UK with a $29.6M cume. Overall, the weekend brought in $28.9M from 37 markets for a $74.4M overseas cume and $173.3M globally.

The UK and Italy gave Mary the No. 1 slots again. In the UK, she’s got 39% market share (triple the nearest competitor) and is 130% above the leggy The Greatest Showman, 31% over Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle and in line with The Hobbit. Italy’s $11.2M total takes Mary over La La Land’s lifetime in the market.

Elsewhere, MPR saw great holds: Poland (+161%), Netherlands (+76%), France (+55%), Switzerland (+28%), Belgium (+25%), Austria (+24%), Germany (+41%) and Spain (-14%). The second Brazil weekend fell by 20% after a slow start last frame. Below the UK and Italy, France ($6.2M), Germany ($5.7M) and Spain ($5.1M) round out the Top 5.

Next up are notably Australia and Russia in the coming week, followed by Japan on February 1 and Korea on February 14.


Sony’s latest Spidey snared another $27.4M overseas this weekend on 22K screens in 60 markets. The offshore cume swung past $100M for $109.6M with Brazil and Japan (a big webslinger hub) still on deck.

Mexico was new this weekend for a No. 2 start behind Aquaman with $4.7M. Other notable openings include Italy ($2.1M), Poland ($930K, with previews) and Central America ($790K).

The 2nd China frame added $8.5M in a crowded market to cume $45.4M so far. Elsewhere, the holiday holdovers were strong including upticks in Finland (+79%), the Netherlands (+51%), Belgium (+48%), Colombia (+41%), France (+35%), Germany (+31%) and the UK (+1%). Spain dipped 8% and Australia was off 29%.


Illumination Entertainment
Universal/Illumination’s domestic holiday hit has now topped $200M overseas ($203.9M) while global is at $469.4M through Sunday. The weekend was worth $17.5M in 61 offshore markets with a great hold of -27%. A number of hubs were up versus the pre-Christmas session as the animated Dr Seuss update has surpassed the lifetimes of both Rise Of The Guardians and Trolls.

Hong Kong was new to the green meanie at $486K to best the starts of Big Hero 6 and Trolls. The top holdover market was France with a 28% increase in the 5th weekend, to cume $14.2M and exceed the lifetime of BH6. The UK leads all play at $33.8M to date. Other notable cumes include Germany’s $17.2M, Mexico’s $16M and Australia’s $12.5M.


Bohemian Rhapsody
20th Century Fox
Hitting another high note at the international box office, Fox’s Freddie Mercury biopic shot up by 15% this session, taking the cume to $513.3M overseas and across the seven century mark to $702M global. And again, this is without China. The strong legs on this crowd-pleaser added $17M during the frame.

Holds have been astonishing, particularly in Korea and Japan which are now the Nos. 1 and 2 markets. In Japan, Bo Rhap was down just 2% to cume $63.9M after eight weekends. Korea fell 21% for a total to date of $70M. The movie is now the No. 6 MPA title ever in the market.

The UK has now grossed $61.2M and spiked upwards by 56% this session. Holland is up a wild 90% to reclaim the top spot and $14.5M so far. Bo Rhap is the No. 1 movie of the year in the market.

Italy jumped by 11% for $23.6M to date. What about Australia, France, Germany and Spain? Yup, all up: Australia (+61%/$30.1M cume/No. 3 film of the year); Germany (+67%/$24.1M), France (+55%/$32.4M); Spain (+27%/$25.2M).

Overall, the Rami Malek-starrer is Fox International’s 7th highest grossing title of all time and will soon eclipse X-Men Days Of Future Past to land in 6th position.


Walt Disney Studios
Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph sequel punched up another $13.7M in 32 markets for an offshore cume of $174.7M and $350.4M globally. Ralph broke into Australia on December 26 with $5.3M through the session. This is Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 3rd best opening ever, behind Frozen and Tangled, and is 20% ahead of the original.

As with other family fare, holds were up in several markets including the Netherlands (+141%), Belgium (+111%), UK (+20%), Portugal (+11%) and Spain (+6%). Staggered release continues next weekend in Italy, Korea and Brazil along with Switzerland and Argentina.

The Top 5 markets to date are China ($39M), Mexico ($17.2M), the UK ($16.8M), Japan ($15.6M) and Russia ($12.6M).

Warner Bros’ Harry Potter spinoff sequel saw a 5% increase thanks to the holiday spell, adding $8.2M overseas for a $470.9M offshore cume and $627.6M worldwide. Across 58 markets in release, the best performer was Japan with a slip of just 8% for $49.8M to date. Germany’s 7th session was up 31% with a cume of $40.6M through today. France also spiked (+35%) and has totaled $32.7M. The UK saw a slight boost (+2%) for a $41.5M cume.


Holmes And Watson
Sony Pictures
*Holmes And Watson (SNY): $4M intl weekend (8 markets)
Dragon Ball Super: Broly (FOX): $3.3M intl weekend (4 markets); $24.3M intl cume
Mortal Engines (UNI): $3.2M intl weekend (45 markets); $47.9M intl cume
A Star Is Born (WB): $2.3M intl weekend (56 markets); $187.7M intl cume
Second Act (STX): $1.5M intl weekend (37 markets); $6.6M intl cume
*Denotes new


New Classics Media
After granting Hollywood access to the market all month to help boost year-on-year growth, China saw a handful of new local releases this session. Dark satire Kill Mobile, a remake of Italian hit Perfect Strangers, led the pack with $24.8M per local estimates. It was consistently No. 1, although Aquaman and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse saw upticks on Sunday, knocking Mojin: The Worm Valley down a peg. That tomb raiding actioner made $14.25M locally and $16.7M per comScore in two markets. The movie to watch before Bumblebee zooms in on Friday will be Long Day’s Journey Into Night. The Bi Gan-directed pic debuted in Cannes and has been making waves off strong pre-sales and a marketing campaign directed at younger audiences.

In Korea, director Kim Byung-woo’s Take Point made $7.45M. The actioner is set in 2024 when, on the day of the U.S. presidential election, Captain Ahab and his team of elite mercenaries embark on a secret CIA mission to abduct North Korea’s Armed Forces Minister in an underground bunker below the Demilitarized Zone. When they are caught in the crossfire, tensions escalate to the brink of World War III.

SATURDAY UPDATE: With Friday’s estimates now in, Warner Bros/DC’s Aquaman has crossed the $500M mark at the international box office — and, with domestic included, he’s reeled in $666.1M worldwide. The latter puts the origins story ahead of last year’s Justice League ($658M) and lands the fish-man’s tale as the No. 9 film both globally and overseas in 2018. Whether Jason Momoa’s Trident of Neptune can wield a $750M worldwide cume through Sunday is a close call, but even if it doesn’t make it tomorrow, it will get there in short order — and is eyeing upwards of $900M global when all is said and done.

There are 78 offshore markets now in release which grossed $18.4M yesterday, swelling the overseas cume to $511.8M. Despite the arrival of some local titles including Kill Mobile and Mojin: The Worm Valley, China remained the biggest market on Friday with $2.4M from 11,800 screens. The running total there is now $251.4M (RMB 1.7B) with another month of extended play ahead.

Australia, which is just getting going on the James Wan-helmed pic, added $2M on Friday from 635 screens. At No. 1 with 50% of the Top 5 films, the local cume is $7.2M. France soaked up $1.34M on Friday, maintaining No. 1 in the 2nd weekend with a cume of $12.2M. Germany also held onto No. 1 with $1.32M yesterday and a $9.6M running total. In Korea, Aquaman is jockeying with the arrival of local pic Take Point, and has grossed $19.5M through Friday (local estimates have it at No. 1 today for $22.4M through Saturday).

The Top 10 markets through Friday are: China ($251.4M), Brazil ($21.5M), Mexico ($20M), Korea ($19.5M), the UK ($16.1M), Indonesia ($14.5M), Russia ($14.2M), France ($12.2M), Taiwan ($10.4M) and Germany ($9.6M).

Aquaman next swims to Italy on January 1 and then hits Japan in February. Note that Japan is not traditionally a major DCEU hub (superheroes outside Spider-Man swing lighter in the market). As the holidays wind down in several markets, the jury is still out on Aquaman’s potential final haul, although $900M+ is looking likely.

We’ll have a full update on Sunday.

PREVIOUS, FRIDAY: Warner Bros/DC’s Aquaman has clanged past the $600M buoy worldwide as the origins story splashes into its 4th weekend of overseas play and takes its 2nd swim in the North American pool. The international box office cume through Thursday is $492.2M for $629.5M global, planting it firmly in the Top 10 worldwide for 2018. Through Sunday, the James Wan-directed underwater adventure is eyeing around $750M globally.

The heir to Atlantis averaged about $18M per day in the Christmas frame’s midweeks overseas and is now in 74 offshore markets. Australia dived in on December 26 with the biggest DCEU opening ever and the top start for WB in 2018. The two-day cume is $5.2M.

China is still the splashiest hub, where the Jason Momoa-starrer held No. 1 on Thursday to cume $249M. With today’s estimated figures, it has passed $250M and is the No. 9 movie of the year in the Middle Kingdom. Aquaman has been granted an extended China release which means it will play right up to the Chinese New Year holiday period in early February. We’ve seen a significant number of extensions on Hollywood fare in the Middle Kingdom this year, increasingly handed out to pics enjoying successful runs and particularly as the market looks to ensure double-digit year-on-year growth.

Elsewhere, France‘s 2nd Thursday saw a 128% jump from last week’s opening weekend. The Hexagon cume is $10.9M. As with France, Germany ranked No. 1 on Thursday and has cumed $8.3M. DC-loving Brazil ranked Aquaman at No. 1 on Thursday to cume $20.3M so far.

This weekend in China, Aquaman will face increased competition. Kill Mobile, a remake of 2016 Italian comedy/drama Perfect Strangers, narrowly topped it on Friday, and action adventure Mojin: The Worm Valley opens tomorrow, including on 550 IMAX screens.

In other markets, there will be continued expansion of some newer titles. Paramount’s Bumblebee is adding 17 markets including France, the UK, Brazil, Korea and Spain; and Sony’s Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is swinging to Mexico and Italy.

Aquaman next opens in Italy on January 1, followed by Japan in February. The latter has not been a major pull for the DCEU (even Marvel movies outside Spider-Man are not slam dunks). Hence, with holiday play in several markets abating over the next week, the jury is still not decided on a final worldwide cume for the fish-man, but signs are certainly pointing to $800M+.

Below are the Top 10 Aquaman markets through Thursday (we’ll be back with updates throughout the weekend):

China: $249M
Brazil: $20.3M
Mexico: $19.2M
Korea: $18.3M
UK: $15.1M
Indonesia: $14.1M
Russia: $13.9M
France: $10.9M
Taiwan: $10.1M
Philippines: $8.8M

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