Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, & Chris Rock Resurfaced N-Word Video Sparks Outrage


Some things don’t age that well — and one of them is a resurfaced video clip of Louis C.K., Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld in the 2011 HBO special Talking Funny.

The video clip joins the conversation with C.K. saying: “When a black guy gets rich, it’s a countdown to when he’s poor again.” Everyone starts laughing and Rock refers to C.K., who wrote and directed Rock in 2001’s Pootie Tang, as “the blackest white guy I f***ing know.” He continues to say, “And all the negative things we think about black people, this f***er” before C.K. interrupts, “You’re saying I’m a n*****?”

When watched in 2018, it’s at this exact moment when you can hear eyebrows raise.

Rock responds to C.K.: “You are the n*****est f***ing white man I have ever [met]” while Gervais can be heard in the background cracking up.

Seinfeld, who seems uncomfortable during all of this N-word talk, serves as the voice of reason through all of this saying he doesn’t think C.K. should use the slur. Seinfeld also added that he wouldn’t use the word anywhere. At one point, Gervais even says the N-word — and laughs while doing so.

The clip that has been making its way around the internet may have ruffled some feathers in 2011 but the backlash wasn’t as public. Considering the current social climate we’re in now and the C.K.’s current reputation, the clip isn’t as funny as it thinks it is. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise that C.K., has used the N-word. He has a whole entire bit in his stand-up comedy special Chewed Up, which can be seen on Netflix.

When the clip resurfaced, many took to Twitter to address C.K. use of the N-word — which doesn’t bode to well for the disgraced actor-comedian who has been making a “comeback” after his allegations of sexual misconduct. Former ESPN host-turned Atlantic staff writer Jemele Hill wrote, “I know black folks who are completely comfortable with white people saying the n-word in their presence. Have had to tell a few white folks that I’m not that black person. Still it says something the only person who was uncomfortable was Seinfeld.”

She added, “Note how proud Ricky Gervais was of the fact he used the n-word. And Louis CK basically said he’s one because black folks ain’t shit. Chris Rock is getting crucified, but those other two deserve massive smoke.”

“It’s quite clear that even if Chris Rock wasn’t born, Gervais and Louis CK were going to be using the n-word,” Hill responded to a comment on Twitter. “Black people never have and never will give white folks ✌🏾permission✌🏾to call us that. That’s the jig. We get blamed for their use of it like they ever need our approval.”

The clip, which contains explicit language, can be watched below.

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