No US Government Shutdown Deal Before Christmas, As Senate Adjourns


There will be no present under the tree for government workers affected by the partial shutdown.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said shortly after 3 PM Saturday that the Senate is adjourned until after the holiday, and no deals have been struck.

That means that workers who are on duty without pay and those furloughed are still in limbo, as President Donald Trump and Congressional leaders continue to search for a compromise on the pending budget. The shutdown began on Friday at midnight after the two sides failed to agree, coming back together today at noon in Washington to see if some sleep had changed attitudes. After three hours, it was apparent that positions were hardened.

The crux of the budget battle is President Trump’s request for funding for a wall along the Mexican border, something Democrats have staunchly opposed.

Most people will not notice much from the shutdown. TSA and customs agents are working, air traffic controllers are on the job, and passports and visa applications outside of government buildings shut down are still available. Others, like Secret Service agents, remain on the job. It is estimated about 420,000 government workers are still on the job and working without pay, while some 380,000 others are furloughed.

The funds that are affecting go toward operations at the Department of Homeland Security, the Justice Department, the State Department, the Interior Department, the Departure of Agriculture and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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