The Bart & Fleming Podcast: Takeaways From The Year In The Movie Biz

By Peter Bart, Mike Fleming Jr

The Bart & Fleming Podcast

In the latest episode of The Bart & Fleming Podcast, we look back on the year in the movie business, and what it means going forward. Led by Netflix, 2018 saw more money and attention spent on films meant not for theatrical release but home viewing. The ground continues to shift, with the aftermath still to be felt from giant Hollywood deals fusing Disney to Fox and AT&T to Time Warner.

There were also ripples from the #MeToo movement that gobsmacked Hollywood and left many of its biggest titans disgraced and gone. The impact has spurred a surge toward inclusion, and creative boundaries that are still shifting.

We also discuss the movie hits and misses of 2018, and our own favorites of the awards season.

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