Miley Cyrus Updates ‘Santa Baby’ For ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’

Miley Cyrus respects the past, but she’s not a traditionalist. Thus, it was no surprise that she updated the lyrics to a Christmas classic when she appeared Thursday on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Cyrus performed the classic Eartha Kitt number Santa Baby. Of course, in an age where sensitivites are heightened, the lyrics of the decades-old song were called into question, as Cyrus noted: “Am I saying that I’m going to hook up with Santa if he buys me all this stuff?”

So a few changes later, Cyrus transformed the song into a feminist anthem. “Santa baby, I don’t need any fancy jewelry. Not me. I’ve got something else in mind. Don’t want diamonds, cash or stocks. Nothing that comes in a box. No more fluff, I’ve had enough. And I can buy my own damn stuff.”

Fallon and Mark Ronson joined her, and then Cyrus kicked her revamped version into a higher gear. “Listen Santa to what I say, a girl’s best friend is… equal pay. Santa baby, I’d love to know my ass won’t get grabbed at work, by some ignorant jerk.”

Watch the video below:

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