Donald Trump Was About To Sign A Farm Bill — So He Tweeted A Clip Of Him Singing The ‘Green Acres’ Theme At The Emmys

Donald Trump Megan Mullally Emmys
Donald Trump via Twitter

UPDATED with Megan Mullally’s response tweet: Remember wayyyyy back before Donald Trump was the President of the United States? He sure does, and his current and former jobs crashed into each other today. As POTUS, he tweeted that he’ll be signing a farm bill “in 15 minutes.” So — of course — the TV-obsessed Leader of the Free World included a clip of him and Megan Mullally singing the Green Acres theme during the 2005 Emmy Awards.

Check it out here, but beware of the sound level:

And here is Mullally’s understandable response:

Say what you will about then-citizen and The Apprentice host Trump’s vocal prowess — he certainly is … uninhibited — but our objection isn’t with his singing but the part he played. Think of the lyrics originally sung by Eddie Albert: “Farm livin’ is the life for me”? “Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside”? Ha, right.  Now compare those with Mullally’s Eva Gabor lines (setting aside the Eastern European accent for which Trump is a sucker):

“New York is where I’d rather stay.
I get allergic smelling hay.
I just adore a penthouse view.
Dahling I love you, but give me Park Avenue.”

Get me rewrite!

Wait, someone already did, because Mullally changed her “Times Square!” line to “Trump Tower!” Another reference to Eastern Europeans, perhaps?

Meanwhile, Republican leaders today confirmed that Trump won’t sign the GOP-backed bill to stall a potential government shutdown. But at least he changed the narrative for a moment.

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