Stephen Colbert Mocks Trump’s “We Have Defeated ISIS” Tweet: “What He Said Might Not Be True”

CBS via Twitter

Earlier today, Donald Trump tweeted, “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency” and Stephen Colbert had some things to say about Trump’s “Mission Accomplished in Syria” mentality.

The Late Show host mocked Trump after reading his tweet and added his own hot take in his Trumpian voice saying, “…but after the Trump presidency I might head over there because I’ll be on the run from the law and there will be no troops to find me.”

Colbert sarcastically added, “I know that this might shock you…what he said might not be true.” He said that the tweet might have come as a surprise to a little organization called the Pentagon because according to the Defense Department, the number of ISIS members in Syria and Iraq is as high as 30,000…and allies are on the cusp of capturing the last major town held by ISIS east of the Euphrates.

That said, Trump’s tweet doesn’t quite check out. No surprise there.

“Of course with a situation as complex and as dangerous as the Syrian civil war, who knows if this is the right move for America?” pondered Colbert. “But we know it’s the right move for Russia because Russia has also got troops there backing the Assad regime….and today Russian officials expressed satisfaction with Trump’s decision.”

Colbert said that a Pentagon official asked CNN’s Jake Tapper on Twitter: “So when does Russia announce their victory?”

Without hesitation, Colbert answered, “Oh that’s easy… it was November 8, 2016.”

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