Premium Short-Form Content Maker Ficto Launches; Ex-Agent Mike Esola At Helm


Fiction Riot has launched Ficto, a subscription-based platform that delivers short-form premium programming designed to be consumed through mobile usage. Ficto launches with 20 series currently in production, available to consumers early next year. Fiction Riot will be meeting with content creators to secure and develop its second cohort of series to follow its consumer launch.

Three of its original series, based on upcoming feature films, will be released in advance of the theatrical releases: Can You Keep A Secret, the best-seller by Sophie Kinsella; Hush, Hush, based on Becca Fitzpatrick’s bestselling book series; and Project Extraction, an original Chinese production starring Jackie Chan and John Cena. Much more than a value add promotional tool for feature films and omni-channel properties, Ficto also opens up a new realm of original storytelling options that enable content creators to more quickly and cost-effectively bring new ideas, characters, and serialized shows to market.

Each full series is generally 30 minutes in length, composed on average of 3 to 5 episodes that are 5 to 7 minutes long, for quick viewing by digital and mobile native audiences who have adopted a “snackable” approach to content while on the go.

Additionally, Ficto is among the first streaming services to pay royalties utilizing blockchain in order to create transparency of payment for all parties involved in production on par with industry rates. Through the use of smart contracts, Fiction Riot is addressing some of the broader industry challenges related to compensation. Powered by blockchain, Ficto automatically pays royalties in USD directly to artists based on how often their content is viewed. Because the formula is agreed upon upfront, everyone involved in a production is paid in a fair, consistent and timely manner.

“We designed Ficto specifically for mobile, with the mindset that if early TVs were designed to be hand-held, content today would look and behave much differently,” said Mike Esola, CEO and Co-Founder, Fiction Riot. “With Ficto, we want to empower content creators with a way to not only distribute video-based “fast fiction” to viewers, but also an easy-to-use tool set to allow for vertical video orientation and integrate fun mobile features to enhance the storytelling and interactivity. It’s not just about the format, it’s about the experience.”

Ficto enables this highly engaged user experience for its serialized short content, or “fast fiction,” through leveraging native mobile features such as vertical video, 360 viewing, AR, chat, live stream, and more. The platform’s proprietary technology allows Hollywood content creators to seamlessly combine traditional video assets with these mobile-first applications through a “tool box” approach.

“Fiction Riot is filling a void for filmmakers, and we’re excited to be among the first to embrace the advantages of the Ficto platform to enhance our storytelling ability on mobile devices,” said Claude dal Farra, CEO of BCDF Films. “Until now, we haven’t had access to the tools that make this process turnkey. Ficto offers a great extension for our films such as ‘Can You Keep A Secret.’ We can create an entirely original but related story line to the film allowing fans to engage both early and in an interactive way – so they get to know the characters and also generate overall fan buzz.”

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