Jerry Seinfeld On Kevin Hart Oscars Controversy: “Kevin’s Gonna Be Fine”

David X Prutting/Shutterstock

Jerry Seinfeld feels that it wasn’t Kevin Hart who was damaged by the recent controversy over past homophobic remarks that caused Hart to step down as host of the Academy Awards.

Speaking to Sunday Today’s Willie Geist for an interview that will air Dec. 16 (see above), Seinfeld asked rhetorically, “Who got screwed in that deal? I think Kevin’s gonna be fine. But find another Kevin Hart, that’s not so easy. He’s a brilliant guy with a movie career.”

Seinfeld called Hart “a brilliant comedian” who didn’t really needs the Oscars. “He doesn’t have to step down – but he can.”

The 64-year-old Seinfeld has frequently commented on comedians under fire. He said the changing standards for comedy and adapting to those changes are part of the job of a good comic.

“Most of the time comedians are expected to be the most agile in terms of how we think and construct our thoughts and what comes out of our mouths,” he said. “We have been navigating these slalom gates forever.  It’s like Lindsay Vonn – wherever you put the gates, I’m gonna make them, that’s the gig.”


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