Gunpowder & Sky Teams With ‘Working With Weinstein’ Producer Tigerlily On Banking Comedy ‘Assets’

Michael Probst/AP/REX

Gunpowder & Sky has teamed up with Working with Weinstein producer Tigerlily Production to develop a comedy series about women in the world of corporate banking.

The two companies are working on Assets, which follows five female interns, who must decide whether to fight, play or change the game as they struggle through a system which is designed wholly against them.

The producing team, who between them have worked on shows including The Thick of It, Misfits and Humans, said that the show “provides a fresh response to workplace sexism, patriarchy and the glass ceiling in a post #MeToo world”. It is exec produced by Natasha Dack, Nikki Parrott and Jennifer Monks.

“Gunpowder & Sky is driven by telling realistic, and sometimes unfortunately relatable stories,” said Pasa Mustafa, Creative Director at Gunpowder & Sky. “Tigerlily Productions have built an international reputation for tackling powerful subject matter with sensitivity and artistry. To that end, we couldn’t have dreamed of a better partner to develop Assets with, and to co-navigate dark, corporate landscapes.”

Parrot added, “We were inspired to make Assets after reading dozens of shocking true accounts penned by women who had experienced first-hand the brutal world of high stakes corporate banking. We wanted to produce something upfront, honest, hilarious and challenging which would take the audience behind the NDAs and into the lives of the women who exist in this world. We are incredibly excited to be working with Gunpowder & Sky and are thrilled about the team we have built around this project.”

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