Trevor Noah Loses Voice, ‘Daily Show’ Correspondents Fill In To Read His Script

Comedy Central via Twitter

Trevor Noah must have had a really great time cheering on Beyonce and Jay Z’s amazing performance during the Global Citizen Festival — so much that he has lost his voice. Noah is now without a voice after hosting the festival in South Africa honoring Nelson Mandela so his colleagues at The Daily Show had to act as his voice Tuesday night while Noah sat next to  expressing his thoughts through his own version of sign language.

Noah took to Twitter to give us an update on his voice condition. “As you’ll know, when you watch the Daily Show tonight I don’t have a voice right now,” he wrote. “I thought that my vocal cords were healed but according to the doctor, flying 36 hours and hosting a giant concert in South Africa didn’t help me.”

The Daily Show host said that in order for him to perform at 100% on his tour next year, he has to cancel his existing stand-up tour dates. He apologized to his fans but guaranteed he is working hard to rehabilitate his voice. “I’m gonna be like The Rock but in voice gym,” he joked.

Watch the clip of tonight’s Daily Show featuring correspondent Roy Wood Jr.  filling in for Noah’s “voice.”

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