‘SNL’ Parodies Netflix’s Massive Volume Of Programming, Suggests ‘The Crown’ & ‘Family Matters’ Reboots

Jaap Arriens/Associated Press

Netflix has been expanding its content at a breakneck speed, even exceeding its own projections. Experts now estimate that the streaming giant has spent $12-$13 billion on programming this year, up from the $8 billion the company had been expected to shell out. Tonight’s Saturday Night Live, hosted by Claire Foy, the outgoing star of Netflix’s British royal drama The Crown, took notice.

“We’ve gone crazy,” SNL‘s Netflix ad proclaimed. “We’re spending billions of dollars and making every show in the world. Our goal is the endless scroll; by the time you’ve reached the bottom of our menu, there are new shows at the top and thus the singularity will be achieved.”

“How are we doing it — simple, we buy everything.”  The spoof demonstrated that by a dramatization of Netflix pitch meetings. It also poked fun at Netflix’s (and others’) penchant for reboots and revivals, hyping new Netflix shows like Saved By the Crown, which sends The Crown‘s Foy to high school, a gritty Family Matters reboot and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee offshoot Leslie Jones in a Van Getting Batteries.

Netflix’s film selection also got an SNL treatment. “We still got movies — thousands of them — 12 of which you want to watch. We even made all the fake moves from Entourage!”

“It’ll take 12 human lifetimes to watch all of our content,” the parody ad said in conclusion. Watch it above.

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