Official funeral plans have not been announced, but probably have been in place for some time, as 43rd President and son George Bush had been soliciting eulogies from prominent people during a prior health scare of his father’s, and handled his mother’s funeral earlier this year.

It is likely that Bush will have Texas memorial services in Houston and Midland, Texas, and possibly at Yale University, his alma mater.  He will then likely lie in state in Washington, D.C. for a public viewing in the Rotunda, followed by a funeral for dignitaries at the Washington National Cathedral. Timing on all events remains to be determined.

Speakers at the event have not been announced, but it’s a safe bet that sons George and Jeb will be among them. President Donald Trump has said he will attend the funeral, but his history of animosity with George W. Bush personally and the Bush family in total will likely preclude a speaking role. Former presidents Barack Obama and particularly Bill Clinton, who worked with Bush on numerous disaster relief efforts, are possible speakers, even though both are Democrats.

Interment for Bush 41 will likely be at the Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas, where his wife Barbara and daughter Robin are buried.