Conan O’Brien Rents A Fake Family In Japan To Battle Loneliness

Japan currently has a “loneliness crisis” and what better way to cure loneliness than to rent a fake family — and that’s exactly what Conan O’Brien did in the latest installment of “Conan Without Borders.”

In “Conan Without Borders: Japan”, O’Brien discovers that there are companies all around Japan that offer family rental services so he decides to consult with Rental Family Agent Ishii Yuichi to build his own family after two days of loneliness in Tokyo. Not only that, he also says he admits his children show him very little respect and his wife is tired of his jokes.

He also goes into some serious daddy issues. He shares a story about how his father lost his father lost his temper in the ’70s when he spilled cream corn. As punishment, he was not allowed to watch an episode of The Love Boat with special guest Bea Arthur.

In order to undo history and make his family love him again, he decides to build a new one — a la carte — with the help of Mr. Yuichi.

After searching through candidates he finds a new wife, a 12-year-old daughter and a father to build his instant family who emphatically laugh at his jokes and pay him respect (I mean, he is paying for their services). And the best thing of all, he gets his new fake father to apologize for yelling at him for spilling the creamed corn in the ’70s.

All is well in the world and O’Brien takes his new family out into the streets of Tokyo to have a grand ol’ time — and it ends up looking like the opening credits to a fun new sitcom from the ’90s.

In addition to Japan, the Conan Without Borders series has brought the red-haired talk show host all over the world including Haiti, Italy, and Mexico. He makes a fool of himself while learning about different culture and expanding his global horizons — and all for the sake of comedy and good TV.


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