‘Vox Lux’ Trailer: Natalie Portman Belts Out Original Sia Song In Musical Drama

We’ve all seen Natalie Portman in full dazzling pop star regalia in images from the Brady Corbet-directed musical drama Vox Lux. With the new trailer for the Neon pic, we actually get to hear the Academy Award-winning actress sing!

In the trailer, we see a quick journey of Celeste as she goes from a young survivor of a tragic school shooting to a mega pop star — all linked by a singular song.

“Tonight, we are going to bring it back to where it all began,” says a pop star Celeste (Portman) in front of an arena of fans. We are transported back to a candlelight vigil where young Celeste (Raffey Cassidy) starts singing a song — which plants the seed to her fame. Set to a song written by award-winning singer-songwriter Sia and sung by Cassidy and Portman, the trailer jumps back and forth in time as we see Celeste’s journey to stardom.

Written and directed by Corbet, the film also stars Jude Law and Christopher Abbott.  Vox Lux opens in New York and Los Angeles December 7 and expands nationwide December 14.

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