Zentropa Crime-Thriller ‘The Purity Of Vengeance’ Breaks Danish Box Office Record


The fourth and final Department Q film The Purity Of Vengeance has become the highest-grossing Danish film at the local box office.

The Zentropa-produced film, released in early October by Nordisk Film Distribution, has made $11.1M (72.5M DKK), surpassing the second instalment in the Department Q series, The Absent One. The film now ranks eleventh on the all-time box office chart and sits narrowly behind The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It has sold 730,380 tickets to date.

The four parts of the hugely popular crime-thriller series now rank first, second, fourth and fifth on the Danish box office chart for national films. The latest instalment, based on the fourth book in Jussi Adler-Olsen’s book series about crime unit Department Q, charts how a series of mysterious disappearances in 1987 are all eerily connected to the same person. Script comes from Bo Erhard Hansen while the series’ ever-present actors are Nikolaj Arcel (The Dark Tower) and Mikkel Nørgaard (The Absent One). Director is Christoffer Boe (Reconstruction).

Producer Louise Vesth, who remarkably has produced all five of the top-grossing Danish films, says, “It’s a wonderful record. We wanted to end the Department Q franchise on the top, and it’s fantastic that the film has been so well received by its audience, and has now secured a spot in the history of Danish cinema until this record will be beaten sometime in the future. The film will continue to run in cinemas well into 2019, so we’re not even done yet. We’re lucky to have talented scriptwriters, directors, and actors able to reach this level.”

Top 10 Danish films ever at national box office:

1. The Purity of Vengeance (2018): 72,5 M. DKK.

2. The Absent One (2014): 68,1 M. DKK.

3. Klown (2010): 64,9 M. DKK.

4. A Conspiracy of Faith (2016): 64,3 M. DKK.

5. The Keepers of Lost Causes(2012): 59,01 M. DKK.

6. This Life (2012): 57,2 M. DKK.

7. The Reunion 2 – The Funeral (2014): 50,1 M. DKK.

8. The Reunion 3 (2016): 47,6 M. DKK.

9. The Hunt (2013): 46,68 M. DKK.

10. Klown Forever (2015): 46,63 M. DKK.

Top 11 films ever in Danish cinemas:

1. Avatar (2009): 129,2 M. DKK.

2. Spectre (2015): 98,8 M. DKK.

3. Lord of the Rings 3 (2003): 98,7 M. DKK.

4. Lord of the Rings (2001): 95,7 M. DKK.

5. Titanic (1998): 91,8 M. DKK.

6. The girl with the dragon tattoo (2009): 88,1 M. DKK.

7. Lord of the Rings 2 (2002): 88,1 M. DKK.

8. Skyfall (2012): 86,7 M. DKK.

9. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015): 81,9 M. DKK.

10. The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey (2013): 74,4 M. DKK.

11. The Purity of Vengeance (2018): 72 ,5 M. DKK.

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