Seth Meyers Not Impressed CNN Sued Donald Trump Over Jim Acosta’s Suspended Credentials


Seth Meyers tackled another day in President Donald Trump’s Post-Midterms Meltdown .

CNN, for instance, filed a lawsuit against Trump after the White House suspended reporter Jim Acosta’s press pass.

“Really? You want to go after Trump with a lawsuit? That guy lives for lawsuits! He’s been served more than the Big Mac. Trying to sue him is like trying to drown a fish.”

Meyers had some advice for CNN: “If you really want to go after him, stop inviting liars on to your network to tell everybody how great he is. Start there,” he said as photos of Kellyanne Conway and Anthony Scaramucci flashed on screen.

Later, Meyers reported on the group of concerned animal loving Floridians who helped police chase down a miniature pig running down a busy freeway.

“So, no, he’s not handling getting fired very well,” Meyers snarked as a photo of sacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions popped up on screen.

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