Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald Trump’s Weekend In Paris

Stephen Colbert

President Donald Trump was in Paris over the weekend for the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day. Late Show host Stephen Colbert feasted on the debacle.

Trump was scheduled to pay his respects at a U.S. military cemetery. “These soldiers fought tirelessly through brutal conditions, so of course Trump canceled his trip to the cemetery due to rain,” Colbert snarked.

Trump did attend other ceremonies over the weekend, “but the other leaders said mean things,” Colbert explained. None more pointed  than French President Emmanuel Macron who let the world know his bromance with Trump was over, delivering an address in which he said patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism.

Nationalism, Macron insisted, is a “betrayal” of patriotism. News networks were all over it. Colbert, however, observed, “A man gave a speech about the importance of moral values and everyone assumes he was insulting our president.”

Over the day, TV news talent also noted the photograph taken of Trump’s beaming face when Russian ruler Vladimir Putin showed up, in marked contrast to the tight faces of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Macron, standing next to Trump. Colbert, however, provided thought bubbles:


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