‘Detective Pikachu’ Trailer: Ryan Reynolds As Fuzzy, Cute Deadpool?

Detective Pikachu

Is the Merc with the Mouth now the Pokemon with the Patter?

Ryan Reynolds has the biggest R-rated hit of 2018 with Fox’s Deadpool 2, in which he portrays the jabberjaw, masked mutant Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool). Now the trailer has arrived for Detective Pikachu, which stars Reynolds as the voice of the most famous Pokémon of them all, little floppy-eared Pikachu, in a story that harkens back to Who Framed Roger Rabbit with its cartoons-and-crime plot and oddball-partners comedy.

Instead of Toon Town, the action takes place in Ryme City, where Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) is searching for his missing father — and finds an unlikely partner in an eccentric, cocky and clever Pokemon who calls himself Detective Pikachu. Goodman can understand Pikachu, but no one else can. So if you did a mash-up of Detective Pikachu and Deadpool, you would get Syfy’s Happy.

The live-action/CGI-hybrid film was produced by Legendary Entertainment and will be released in May by Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures. It’s based on the 2016 video game of the same title, which also gave Pikachu a voice (instead of his traditional cutesy bleating sound). The film also stars Kathryn Newton, Ken Watanabe, Iran Soni, Paul Kitson, and Bill Nighy.

Check out the trailer above.

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