No Jail Time For Latest Donald Trump Walk Of Fame Star Vandal

Donald Trump Hollywood Star Walk Of Fame

Hollywood is no fan of Donald Trump and it seems that taking a pickaxe to the once Celebrity Apprentice host’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will only get you a slap on the wrist.

Over three months after Austin Clay proved the second guy to smash up the current President’s little piece of Hollywood Boulevard, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge gave the no-contest pleading vandal a day in county jail and three year’s probation. That’s a far cry from the maximum sentence of three years behind bars that 24-year old Clay was looking at if found guilty of the felony count of vandalism.

The day that Clay spent behind bars in late July before being bailed out will serve as the jail time he was given today — which means he walked out out of court today a freebird.

Having turned himself in to authorities a day after his attack on the well-trodden tourist attraction, Clay was formally charged back on August 6 by the LA Country D.A.’s office as a LAPD investigation continued. On August 15, Clay put in a plea of not guilty in a hearing in LASC.

Between then and now a deal was struck between Jackie Lacey’s office and Clay’s lawyers that will also see the now self-declared vandal pay the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce $9,404.46 for the repair of the Trump star and other restitution. Judge Kerry Bensinger also order Clay to attend a counseling program and perform 20 days of community service.

Maybe that community service will include cleaning up the Hollywood Walk of Fame over by Hollywood and Highland.

Clay’s punishment, as it is, seems remarkably similar to the “be a good boy, OK?” that the first Trump star vandal Jamie Otis received

The then-53-year old Otis Elevator heir ended up serving no jail time also after also pleading no contest in L.A. Superior Court for his own pickaxe work on Hollywood Boulevard in the pre-dawn hours of on October 26, 2016.

Instead, just like Clay, the lawyered-up Otis on February 21, 2017 was handed three years of formal probation and 20 days of community work. Given not even a day in jail, the self-described activist was also ordered to pay $3,700 to the Hollywood Historic Trust and $700 to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to repair the damage done to Trump’s star.

Whether you are a fan of Donald Trump’s or not, the courts today once again sent a message that essentially translates into “we’ll be angry at you, but not that angry, wink, wink.”

Deputy District Attorney Jeff Megee oversaw the matter for the L.A. County D.A. The LAPD Hollywood Station’s investigation of the matter is concluded, I’m told.

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