‘The Daily Show’ Celebrates An Election That Didn’t Involve Red Or Blue

Comedy Central

From world news headquarters in New York, Trevor Noah and Comedy Central brought the Democalypse live to The Daily Show in celebration of election night. As the host noted, “Anything can happen.”

Noah confessed he spent the whole day updating social media, following the election, and then it was official – Idis Elba was named by People as the world’s sexiest man. “I was so worried he would lose the vote,” Noah gushed.

Turning serious, Noah noted that the election would answer one crucial question – “Is America racist? Or is it openly racist?”  The South African-born comic noted, “It reminds me of home.”

While he announced early in his monologue that the Democrats had retaken the House – drawing uproar from the studio audience – Noah had to concede that at one point, “The Blue Wave was looking more like a Smurf was peeing.”

Co-host Roy Wood Jr. joined in. Asked if he had voted, he admitted, “Yeah, about five, six times.”

It was a night of firsts, as the first Native American and Muslim women were voted into Congress. There was even the first direct election of an openly gay governor in Colorado, which Noah noted made everyone in Colorado gay.

With such diversity abounding, Congress will be “like Venezuela with White people. All of the socialism, none of the rhythm.”

The results, though turning the House blue, is “a great night for Donald Trump,” Wood insisted.  “Because when all of his polices go wrong, blame the Democrats. even the little stuff. He has a scapegoat.”

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