Donald Trump Briefly Breaks Midterm Elections Silence As Dems Take House


(UPDATED with Pelosi call details & more Trump tweets) Facing a mixed bag of midterm elections results, Donald Trump had a rare moment of online brevity tonight when he finally stepped away from the TVs in the White House residence to address the still divided nation via his favorite platform.

Around half an hour after various networks firmly declared that the Democrats would take control of the House of Representatives, that the Republicans would increase their hold on the Senate and Florida would have his handpicked candidate as its next Governor, the former Celebrity Apprentice took to Twitter for the first time in nine hours:

For a President who clearly knows that his aggressive approach in the final days on the trail pushed back the opposition’s highest hopes of taking the Senate too, Trump’s remarks oddly sounds less like a survivor and more like a Vegas act ending his show.

Perhaps even odder, according to the White House, neither Trump nor Vice-President Mike Pence have any “public events scheduled.” No Lying Ted victory lap, inviting Sunshine State Governor to be Ron DeSantis to Mar-a-Lago for burgers. At first there wasn’t any outreach to Nancy Pelosi and crew as they prepare to take over the lower chamber of Congress. However, the President did phone Pelosi to congratulate her victory, bit his tongue and stressed bipartisanship going forward

That sounds a lot like what the once and seemingly future Speaker of the House said herself earlier tonight. “We will strive for bipartisanship,” Pelosi told cheering supporters at the Dems’ Washington D.C. HQ tonight in a wide-ranging victory speech “We have all had enough of division,” she added with more than a few swipes at the notoriously thin skinned Trump.

On the other hand of the other hand, having had a pretty standard midterm result for any President, Trump now has a firmer than ever hold on the GOP as his picks won and those who kept him at arm’s length lost.

A couple of hours later, Trump let a tweetstorm loose in the early morning DC time, though the posts were quoting others:

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