Seth Meyers Nicks NBC For Running Donald Trump’s Race-Baiting Ad

Seth Meyers

Add late-night star Seth Meyers to the tally of NBC talent nicking their for airing Donald Trump’s race-baiting caravan ad.

In the final hours before midterm election day, Republicans were busy cycling through the crazy Meyers noted in his final A Closer Look before election today.

Team Trump produced the ad, in which the caravan of migrants heading toward the southern border is called an “invasion.”

“This ad so racist CNN refused to air it and today NBC and Fox News said they would stop airing,” Meyers told viewers.

“Any network should have seen it for what it was and turned it down right away,” Meyers blasted. “That unfortunately did not happen.”

NBC, he told his viewers, aired a shorter version of the ad during its broadcast of the Greenbay vs New England NFL game.

“You couldn’t find anything else to fill 30 seconds of ad time during a game between the Patriots and the Packers?” Meyers scolded his network.

“Hell, just give us a live stream of Tom Brady on the sidelines in that giant coat.”

“The ad was obviously and explicitly racist,” Meyers said, but cautioned viewers, “Before you get mad note this is the first [Trump] was hearing about it,” Meyers snarked, throwing to a clip of Trump telling reporters who asked about the ad “I don’t know about it. You’re telling me something I don’t know about.”

“There you go!” Meyers said. Problem with that argument, of course, is the ad’s final line: “I’m Donald Trump and I approved this message.”

“He’s like a guy who denies robbing a bank but forgets he waved at the security camera,” Meyers quipped.

Trump has run a midterms campaign of racist incitement because he and his allies know keeping people angry and afraid is their way to stay in power, NBC’s late-night star explained.

You might think that, after two years and total control of the government, the party in power would run on its record of achievement, Meyers noted. Instead, Trump has lobbed one new lie after another, including that major tax break for middle-income Americans he said would be made into law before today’s election, and which Trump said Republicans were studying “round the clock” when Congress was in recess and most asked had no idea what he was talking about.

But the real heart of the GOP’s closing midterms argument was the racist fear-mongering over the caravan of migrants heading toward the southern border, which Trump insisted is thousands of people including gangs of criminals.

Meyers isn’t the only, nor is he the first, NBC star to take the network to task for airing the fear-mongering ad.

Will & Grace star Debra Messing also chastised the network for running the spot, which NBCU pulled:

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