‘Saturday Night Live’ Promos With Jonah Hill & A Still-Single Pete Davidson


Jonah Hill is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, and NBC has put out a pair of short promos for the episode that also feature cast member and not president of the Chevy Chase fan club Pete Davidson and musical guest Maggie Rogers.

Flanked by the dual twentysomethings, the Mid90s filmmaker first is treated to a “get off my lawn”-style lesson in youthful exuberance. Then there’s what looks like a Married at First Sight audition that didn’t get a callback, with Davidson proposing to (and quickly getting rejected by) Rogers.

The promo drew immediate reaction from Davidson’s former fiancé, fellow singer Ariana Grande, who was not amused. “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh,” she wrote in a now deleted tweet.

Take a look at the promos above and decide for yourself which is funnier and/or better whets your appetite for Saturday’s show.

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