Samantha Bee Blasts Donald Trump Anti-Semitic Dog Whistling

Samantha Bee

President Donald Trump and many other Republicans reacted to the murder of 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue by condemning anti-semitism, Sam Bee acknowledged on Full Frontal.

“But the truth is the Republican party tolerates anti-semitism and benefits from it,” she charged.

Mainstream conservatives, Bee said, would never say anything negative about Jews outright but there are other words they use like “coastal elites,” “globalists,” “Hollywood liberals” – or, as Trump once called Jon Stewart like he meant it to sting, “Jonathan Leibowitz.”

These days, the biggest, loudest dog whistled name is George Soros, Bee said, making her point with clips of the many, many, many times Fox News on-air talent has invoked the name of the billionaire Holocaust survivor who created a charitable foundation called Open Society.

According to current right-wing conspiracy theories Soros is a “demonic Nazi commie supervillain who controls everything from world governments to when people poop,” Bee said. That last bit was not a joke: a Campbell’s Soup exec tweeted Soros masterminded the entire caravan trek to the southern border including “where they defecate.”

“The idea of Jews as wealthy, scheming world-dominators is as old as Mike Pence thinks the earth is,” Bee described.

And while anti-semitism is not unique to the right, it is these days shockingly mainstream in the Republican Party, she added.

A radicalized Trump supporter sent Soros a pipe bomb last week.

“I know Trump has a daughter who’s Jewish,” Bee acknowledged, adding  I forget her name – she’s never really come up on the show.”

“But that doesn’t mean he can’t be anti-Semitic. His daughter is also a woman and he sure hates those!”

Republicans didn’t ask their supporter to take an AR-15 and massacre praying Jews, “but Republicans were speaking a language that shooter heard loud and clear,” Bee insisted, noting the gunman posted conspiracy theories about Soros, as has Trump and other of his supporters in the GOP.

Heading into the midterm elections, Trump is working hard to whip up a xenophobic mob, “and they don’t traditionally make exceptions for Jewish people,” Bee said.

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