Trevor Noah Tells Donald Trump He Inspired Bombs Sent To Critics

Comedy Central

“I’m not gonna lie, when we came down to Miami, part of us thought we were going to take a vacation from the news,” The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah told his audience there.

The news followed him there.

“What the f*ck Florida? We come here to cover the midterm but when when we get here all everyone is talking about is the world’s worst pen pal!”

The man behind the bombs was spotted at Trump rallies, and created a Trump shrine on the windows of the van in which he was living, including “CNN Sucks” stickers and another of Hillary Clinton in the cross hairs of a gun scope. Cesar Sayoc is believed to have sent three bombs to CNN and at least one to Clinton. He also is charged with sending the pipe bombs to other Trump critics including former President Barack Obama, to Robert De Niro, and to former CIA Director John Brennan and former National Intelligence Director James Clapper.

“Clearly this guy was inspired by Trump but, according to Trump and his people, it has nothing to do with him – just the actions of a mad man,” Noah scolded.

“Yes, it could be a mad man was inspired by your works, but you’ve got to accept that there is some correlation there.”

“If the President of the Untied States calls someone The Enemy of the People, don’t be shocked when the people go after that enemy,” Noah reasonably reckoned.

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